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At our agency, our tax professionals will thoroughly explain your tax return and take the time to uncover all possible deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability and increase your refund. We feel that if we show and explain your return, not only will you have a better understanding about your tax situation, but together we can save you money. It’s all about getting more from your taxes by showing you how to get the best value for your tax preparation dollar.

              Seminario de informacion sobre el Income tax 2012

2012 temas a tratar:
  • Earned Income Tax Credito
  • Creditos por la educacion
  • First time Homebuyer credit
  • Ingreso taxable
  • Creditos Rembolsables y no Rembolsables
  • Schedule C-Self employed
  • Gastos de Mudanza
  • Interes de Prestamos Estudiantiles
  • Gostos Medicos y Dentales
  • Robo de Indetnidad
  • Auditorias

Instax ofrecera un foro de informacion gratuito.

Fechas de los foros de informacion
Diciembre 27-29
Enero 7-11

Todas las fechas seran en un horario de 7pm-10pm
Se requiere Reservacion (porfavor no niños)
"No representamos al I.R.S"

Se brindara bocadillos durante el seminario.

Instax Inc Is Always There

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